Augusto Pinochet’s former bodyguard detained at Santiago military base

Cristián Labbé, outspoken defender of Chilean dictator, charged with conspiracy in kidnapping and homicide of 13 prisoners

Jonathan Franklin in Santiago/The Guardian/Tuesday October 21, 2014

Retired Chilean army colonel Cristián Labbé, an outspoken defender of former dictator General Augusto Pinochet, has been arrested.

Labbé was charged with being part of a conspiracy in the kidnapping and homicide of 13 prisoners. Another nine military officials were charged, some of whom are already in custody for a variety of human rights crimes.

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Launch of new campaign for Human Rights in Chile-Truth and Justice Now!

agrupación-defamiliares-de-detenidos-desaparecidos-3-458x259It has been 41 years since the military coup took place in Chile and in memory of the victims of the dictatorship, the Group of Families of the Detained and Disappeared (AFDD) along with other regional groups in Chile have made a proposal of human rights to end impunity and to establish truth and justice for crimes against humanity perpetrated in Chile.

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Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus QC speaks out against torture


(TAKEN FROM Latest Hansard Documents, week of 2 Jun 2014, House Hansard)

Rivas, Ms Adriana

Mr DREYFUS (Isaacs—Deputy Manager of Opposition Business) (19:40): I rise to present to the House a petition from more than 600 members of the Chilean community in Australia and their supporters. It has been considered by the Standing Committee on Petitions and found to be in order. Continue reading

Chile: The human rights abuses and the case of Adriana Rivas

Human rights abuses in Chile began shortly after Pinochet and the other military leaders of the coup took power. Between September 12th and 13th, just days after the take-over, the National Stadium in Santiago was turned into a large detention center. The Red Cross estimated that on September 22, 1973 there were about 7,000 prisoners being held there, many of them complained to the Red Cross of torture and produced evidence. Continue reading