Former Political Prisoners in Chile on Hunger Strike

A dramatic situation has arisen in Chile with a hunger strike of former political prisoners who are demanding better pensions and compensation for the torture that they endured during the brutal dictatorship in Chile.

The strike started April 13 in the city of Rancagua, but has since expanded to several cities, with former prisoners from the capital Santiago joining the strike Tuesday. The number is now up to 50 former prisoners across the country who have declared an indefinite hunger strike.

The Chilean State has not responded positively to reparations for these former prisoners, that is why they have decided to go on this hunger strike, now in its 26th day.
The Chilean government has given pensions to some of those that inflicted torture in the millions. Many of these torturers live freely in Chile and in other countries. Meanwhile former political prisoners receive a pension of 150 thousand pesos (equivalent to USD$250).
Our organization is in solidarity with these prisoners and we demand that this issue is resolved immediately. These former political prisoners deserve better pensions as many of them live in poverty.
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