Australian government must extradite Adriana Rivas to Chile

Adriana Rivas (Rivas) is a former DINA agent living in Sydney. DINA was Chile’s Intelligence Bureau during Pinochet’s dictatorship and is known as Pinochet’s Gestapo due to its cruelty and mass assassinations. The Lautaro Brigade was DINA’s extermination brigade. Rivas was an operative agent in that Brigade between 1974 and 1977. The Lautaro Brigade concentrated on detaining, torturing, extracting information and killing Communist Party members.

o Member of DINA, Pinochet’s Gestapo
o Operative agent of DINA’s Lautaro Brigade
o Worked at Simon Bolivar extermination barracks
o An advocate for torture
o Charged in Chile with 7 counts of aggravated kidnapping
o Absconded to Australia whilst on bail in 2011
o Must face justice and answer to the victims’ families
o She remains at large in Australia

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Adriana Rivas flyer